Agented by Victoria Hobbs of A.M.Heath Literary Agency


Winner of the 2019 Moniack Mhor Emerging Writer Award. 

Shortlisted for the Brighton Short Story Prize 2018. Published in their anthology 2019. 

Short Story Published in Sputnik Magazine 2019.

Artworks published in in The Edinburgh Art Book 2019.

Awarded second place in the 2017 JuxtaProse International Short Story Contest, winning publication in 2018.

2017 Emerging Writer at Edinburgh International Book Festival, with Edinburgh City of Literature. 

2016 Awardee of the Dr Murray McGregor Writing Scholarship to Gladstones Library.

MSc in Creative Writing from Edinburgh University. 

 I write to explore and ask questions.


My stories are often a ‘stretching out,’ of the things in the world that are already slightly improbable or strange.

Synaesthesia. Instagram filters. The nature of morality in a post-truth society.

 My fiction proposes: if we took this idea that we all take for granted and throw it out into a different situation, lit beneath different lights- what would we see?


My main novel in progress at the moment is literary fiction, about a girl who rebels against her father's invention to record family memories as holograms, when she realises he is editing her past. It's about the instinct to create and edit the narrative of our own lives. The way recollection can be a balm and a poison.  

I am developing and researching another literary fiction novel, centering around the life of Kandinksy. I'm captured by the idea of a young lawyer finding out that he sees music as colour, amid the snowscapes of a Russian winter. 


My long-term novel project is a Middle Grade High Fantasy adventure series, filled with unlikely friendships, swamplands and speaking storms. It's about finding your voice, and once you've found it, finding a true thing to speak. As you will see on my book illustrations page, my dream is to illustrate it myself. 

I continue to write short stories, essays and reviews.