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There's a line in Henry James' Portrait of a Lady which sums me up pretty well. He writes, 

'Her imagination was so ridiculously active,

if the door was not opened to it, it jumped out the window.' 

I was raised in Kent, and though I have had no formal training in illustration, was raised by a photographer and a product designer. They taught me to look, and look twice. I'm always interested in our ways of seeing, how they can solidify or become fluid, a little like lava does. I wonder if it takes regular upheaval to continue to properly see. But whether I'm exploring it through writing or drawing, I like to think of it all as Pen & Ink. 

It says in the Bible, 'If we did not sing- the rocks would cry out.' For me, there's a childish 'oh!' that comes out I learn new things, listen, read, sing, write, adore, ache. That 'oh!' is behind everything I make. That is what I am saying. 


 And like the rocks, let my 'Oh!' be to glory of God. 



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